Wedding Marquee Hire Irby Merseyside

Wedding Marquee Hire Irby Merseyside

Wedding Marquee Hire Irby MerseysideWhatever the occasion, we’ll make sure its one to remember with our uniquely different range of beautiful marquees here at Premier Event Marquees. Wedding Marquee Hire Irby Merseyside.

The size of a marquee you want to hire would always depend on the number of guests you want at your event. Be it a wedding, a conference, a get-together, or a small party just for friends. Sizes can be relative when it comes to choosing a Wedding Marquee Hire Irby Merseyside size for a specific event. The big marquee size you would hire for a wedding party would be different from the large marquee size of a conference. In essence, there are different sizes for different event types.

Having an estimated number of guests can not only save you the embarrassment of making a low budget but also helps you know exactly what type of marquee you should gun for before you reach out to a Wedding Marquee Hire Irby Merseyside company.

How To Estimate The Size Of The Space You Need For An Event.

There is a simple basic formula or approach to estimating the size of Marquee you need for a function. This formula helps to estimate size using numbers. Let’s take a look at the formula.

It is a standard that a person standing occupies half of a square meter of space. This leads us to our formula that says: 

For standing space= number of guests (in meters) × 0.5ms.

For example If your event requires people to stand, then you multiply the number of guests by 0.5ms.

If you have invited 100 people, to estimate the size of the marquee you need and the space, you follow the simple rule given above. 

100 × 0.5 square meters = 50 square meters. 

After this step, all you need to do is to get a Wedding Marquee Hire Irby Merseyside that would meet the requirement for your event.

The formula also applies to seated guests depending on the arrangement of the seats but with slightly different constants.

For guests seated in rows

You estimate by multiplying the number of invited people by 0.7 square meters because a seated person occupies 0.7 square meters of space. E.g. you have 200 guests. The number of guests × 0.7 square meters.

200 × 0.7 square meters 

For guests seated at trestle tables

Due to the kind of table you have your guests seated at, they occupy slightly bigger floor space. E.g you have 250 guests. The number of guests multiplied by 0.8 square meters

250 × 0.8 square meters.

For guests seated at round tables.

The shape of a round table requires more space for people. For instance, if you have invited 400 people, the number of people invited multiplied by 1.2 square meters.

400 × 1.2 square meters.

You can have both seated guests and standing guests with Wedding Marquee Hire Irby Merseyside. All you have to do is to add up your estimated results for both standing and seated guests. E.g. you have 5 standing guests and 100 seated guests seated at a round table and another 12 guests seated in a row.

 (5 × 0.5) + (100 × 1.2) + (12 × 0.7)

You also have to make provision for added guests and also depending on the event, a live band space or a DJ’s corner, dance floor, podium, catering stand, and other decorative items, not to forget a restroom.